I have chosen to analyze “Let Her Go” by Passenger because I am working on it for guitar and voice. The intro of “Let Her Go” lasts 20 measures. The first verse (measures 21-44) , which begins on 1:06 of the video, starts off with the lyrics “Staring at the bottom of your glass.” This first verse finishes off at 1:28. At 1:31 of the video, the chorus commences on measure 45 and it ends on measure 60. The singer repeats the same lyrics and outlined chords in the intro, but without finger picking. At 1:57, Passenger begins the second verse which starts off with the words “Staring at the ceiling” from measure 25 to measure 44. With regards to chords, it is a repeat of verse 1. At 2:22, the singer goes back to the chorus from measure 45-60. At 2:47, the singer sings, “And you let her go…oh…oh…oh.” He holds on to this specific phrase from measure 61 to measure 76. This can be labelled as the bridge of the song. After this, on part 3:12 of the video, the band repeats the chorus twice more from measure 45-60. This repeat can be labelled as the outro because it concludes the song. Guitar Tablature I work with: http://www.goliathguitartutorials.com/uploads/8/2/5/4/8254014/_let_her_go_-_passenger_tabs.pdf Official video: https://youtu.be/RBumgq5yVrA

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