Macondo Gypsies Remix

I altered a few ordering of the loops in my song in an effort to improve it. The first time the exotic sarod enters, I applied a break immediately after in order to keep the listener intrigued into hearing more of this main melody. It’s a form of creating suspense. In addition, I changed my original club dance beat to a different variation of it because I felt that the new one fit better with the vibe and the dancing mood of the song. After the part where we hear the exotic sarod with the club dance beat, I inserted several transitioning polyrhythms as a way to create a unique variation in the song. Before the end of the song, I inserted the club dance beat again because I feel like the listener craves that climactic part of the song to come again. Ultimately, this part drops out and the sarod is left alone with the bongos which gradually fade.


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