Write a blog post answering the following question: Do you think that sampling without permission is morally acceptable? If so, why? If not, why not?

Sampling without permission is not morally acceptable because it is unjustly stealing someone’s original work. It involves disrespecting the originator of the sample. The creator always has a specific intention for his/her own sample. By someone reusing the sample without permission, the person who reuses the sample has the ability to mess with the originator’s intention and create a piece of music which can distort and undermine the originator’s intention. The reused sample, when take out of context, disregards the creator’s original intentions and his or her relationship to the song. Isn’t that purely wrong? Shouldn’t the sample creator have the right to write a creative piece of music without having to worry about it being taken and claimed by someone he/she does not know?


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