ree mihx blog documentation

I remixed Jenifer Bras’ song. I used it because I really dig the rock Latin American feel she created through her track. Although the use of instrumentation was clever, I wanted to give it an extra twist which would make the song develop more into an electronic dance club song.  I altered it by adding the world maraca 2, the synthbass sequence, the dance floor pattern 14, the edgy synth,the club dance beat. I made the brixton lead guitar a main repetitive theme in the song. Every section came back to this melody. I did this because I found it to be a great tune which needed to become more of a central focus in this song. I kept the essence of clock ticking suspense in the beginning along with the solitary maracas coming in towards the beginning. I also kept the “clapping beat after the maracas” to maintain Jenifer’s intention of “giving it more of a dancing vibe to the song.” In order to also keep up the dancing vibe, I included the club dance beat and the dance floor pattern in order to increase this vibe even more. The song built up to this dancing moment, which I secretly always wanted Jenifer’s song to build up to.


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