Found Song Process

Same process as the other posts. Which sound did you use and why? What steps did you take to make it work in a musical context? Do you feel that you were successful?

First, I started off with my found sound recording of the windy night of a snow night. I then asked myself, “How cool would it be to show in one song how disconnected all of humanity has become to nature due to technology like computers and phones getting in the way of our relationship with nature?” Since many of us have intimate relationships with these devices, we disconnect from the world by plugging ourselves so much into the internet and into text message conversations. What if we all abandoned our devices for a while and took the time out to bond with the sound of the wind howling (my found sound), or the sound of the breeze and the seagulls cawing (Paulina’s recording), or the sound of our own footsteps(the garageband loop I found) I attached at the end of the song?  I used the orchestra strings and the medieval flute within the piece because these melodies represent the human spirit which is very much alive and willing to move and impact the Earth with its daily motions. There is both a figurative and aural dissonance I used with Garageband loops like the Communication static, Electronic scanner, Dialing echo, Synth zap accent, Sci Fi texture 5, the Cellphone ringing, and the Servo movement. These loops introduce the technology of our daily lives: like telephones, cellphones, printers, etc. These technological advances all make beeping sounds which distract us from genuinely listening to other people’s words (represented by the flute and the orchestra strings). They also distract us from taking in and breathing in nature’s movements and sounds. Within my song, I also included a clock wind up, which is used to represent our constant fleeting of the moment. Everyone is always checking up the time on their phones. Do you recall the last day you just lived without the stress and pressure of having to look at your phone to check what time it was? Being tardy is looked down upon so much and as a result, looking at our phones to seek the time makes us even more dependent on technology. The Contemplative synth and the Club Dance Beat 4 symbolizes technology and its uses. They show the way technology very much tries to imitate humans and how technology can too, complement our lives and makes everything in life easier. Finally, the small child giggle and the thunder clap at the end of the song show how little children interact with and get to understand their surroundings. A child is expected to cry at the sound of thunder because thunder is ominous and alarming and it is not thought of to bring about great joy for a child. In this case, however, the child has been so sheltered in the home because his/her parent has given them a tablet to play with. The child does not respond in a harmonious way to nature because he/she does not know nature and his/her relation to nature.




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