Music Review

My favorite song is “La Gota Fria” by Carlos Vives. In this song the Colombian Vallenato style is fused with a rock style. I really like how the accordion, the Guacharaca, and the cajon fit together in this tune. This song is a staple of the music found in the coast of Colombia. When I visited Santa Marta, Colombia over my 2016 summer, I heard several street musicians playing this and other Vallenato songs around the beach. All of these rhythms made me want to dance all day and all night.  I also admire how this song’s lyrics are not repetitive at all because it walks us through a long progression of a story of two accordionists competing with each other to see who is a better player. The narrator of the song mocks and ridicules the other accordionist because he deems him to be an uneducated, sloppy, and merely improvisational musician. I stumbled upon this song because of my parents, who were born and raised in Colombia, and who never fail to play it at Colombian parties.  Ho Hey by the Lumineers is probably one of my least favorite songs. Its chorus is repetitive and it sounds like something a child toy would repeat for endless hours if it is pressed continuously. The lack of musical variation and the repeated four chords make the song boring and unexciting. In addition, the lead singer possesses no vocal technique and always sings with a straight tone. His lack of vibrato and his nasal sound proves that he has very limited vocal training. As a young singer who is educating her voice and learning about protecting the voice through adequate vocal use, I can see that the lead singer is using an unhealthy vocal technique by tightening his throat and a a result, damaging his voice.

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