my new track is called “Macondo Gypsies.” Check it out at: I used the world drums and the world bongs to start off the piece. I wanted to emphasize a repeating Afro rhythm which was similar to the rhythms I was exposed to at my University’s West African Drumming ensemble.I wanted to fuse these rhythms with an Indian lute, which on garage band is labeled as “Sarod.” After having my basic template with these loops scattered randomly on garageband,I decided to structure the track by having it build up to an “Electronic drum beat” and a “Club Dance Beat.”In order to facilitate the transitions between the different points of the song, I included shakers. In order to give the rhythms some variety, I included the “Dumbek beat” along with the “Agogo Groove.” These polyrhythmic drum beats gradually gained momentum as I added the “Electronic Drum Beat” and the “Club Dance Beat.” I see this track as a way to marry tribal primitive rhythms with new electronic synthesized sounds. I view my creation as a legitimate form of musical creativity because I had a purpose and the music had intent and an organized structure which had direction. I put a massive amount of time into creating the perfect fusion of sounds. Although it needs some tweaking, I consider it a pure creative endeavor.

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